Rejuvenation Outside the Stem Cell

Tom Mower talks about aging of the organism and what Sisel is doing to improve not only your Lifespan, but to improve your Health Span.

“Doesn’t it make sense” (scientists seem to think so) that by cleaning up what’s inside the Stem Cell and then by supporting regeneration to achieving more youthful health? Then shouldn’t this also be done to what is outside the Stem Cell?

The aging of the organism cannot be reduced entirely to just the aging of Stem Cells in the body because there is so much extracellular waste there. In some cases, this material is secreted and deposited locally. In other cases, this bio-waste circulates in the blood and impedes functions far from where it was made. Sometimes the material consists of used cell fragment, sometimes small molecules, sometimes proteins. Messy, huh? And what’s worse, all of these categories, go downhill with age.

At Sisel we are investigating a wide range of research geared to fixing that. Youth from the inside of a cell should also be reflected on by what’s on the outside of it too. We at Sisel are dedicated to researching the research, in order to find the most complete solution, rather than just try and promote a single molecule, that while it can do wonders of course but it falls short of its potential because of the inner and outer accumulation of cellular garbage and metabolic waste.

Soon d”BOMB from Sisel will be introduced. It’s a very complex formulation based upon powerful discoveries in the field of “Senolytics”; which if addressed properly, should run neck and neck to NAD in life extension, youth regeneration and fantastic health support.

Improving Health Span for a Youthful Lifespan

Both The AGE PILL precursor for “NAD” support is called by some as the immortality molecule. In fact it’s theoretically almost true and practically viable to do so. BUT “the missing link” in growing younger and living longer is senolytics. d’BOMB is a powerful cocktail of ingredients to accomplish this.

IN CONCLUSION: there may be not just one, “but two” potential immortality formulations to encompass as much as possible, that we can find to… STOP Aging-CREATE support for Regeneration-RETURN your youthful bio-factors to as hypothetically possible of when you were at age 18-20 again.

We at Sisel believe this dynamic 1-2 punch will do “almost miraculous things ” to support ending aging, growing younger and living much longer at a much younger biological age.

It seems possible that 1 + 1 = “Immortality and Eternity” potentially fueled by this “dual synergistic system”.

The AGE PILL and d’BOMB “may” be a wish come true… for a FOREVER MORE YOU!

Weight Loss and Nutrition

Eat less and move more, is the general rule when applied to weight loss. The difficulty however is finding activities and dietary choices that you can carry with you for a lifetime. 

Sure we can change our routine for a short time. Sticking with it? Not easy to do.

The menu doesn’t satisfy your hunger and your muscles ache from exercise, its easy to reach for that snak after a while. 

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The Dangers of Mineral Makeup and What You Should do about it.

Tom Mower, the Chief Science Officer and Founder of Sisel International posted an article on Facebook, “HYPOCRISY OF THE SKIN & HAIR CARE INDUSTRY REVEALED… TIME AFTER TIME, AGAIN & AGAIN.”

According to his post,  Sun Chemical, announced the launch of their new Intenza Glitter Effects.  Tom has issued his very strong opinion, and perhaps a warning to those who use this product and other products like it. 

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